Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We'll be adding in Helvetica Alphabet Inspired Tee, Umbrellas(three types available!), Transparent Tote Bag, Rock Candies(available in packets & jars!), Headphones.


Customised Little Miss Tees
Preorder #1
Closing soon!!
Orders? Send in before July 16 2010!

Jelly Bangles
Preorder #1
Closed, stocks will arrived about 1-2weeks later,
cause something caught up.

Geek Specs
Preorder #1
As those who have ordered from us,
our supplier have stop supplying us some specific designs,
and some of you were requested to either change your designs or wait till we've find a new supplier.
We promise to find a new supplier soon!
Even if it's meetup at red line or something.
We're very sorry for the inconvenience caused.


Metal Frame Wallets
Preorder #1 & #2

Preorder #1
We've sent in the orders already,
We'll try to meetup asap with the supplier!
& we'll arrange meetups with you asap! (:

Preorder #2
We'll send in the orders asap once the preorder #1 is settled!
& we'll arrange meetup with you for payments to be made. (: