Sunday, May 30, 2010


* Once you've understood & agree to all T & C, you may proceed to 'Order Format' under the Navigations section.
* Shopdaoxiao have the rights to change the T & C without prior notice.
* Don't trust us = Don't buy from us.

Once we've passed the item(s) to you, we'll not be responsible for whatever happen afterwards, so please do check the item(s) before we leave.
checked once? not enough. please double/triple check before we leave.

If you're not interested in the item(s), please do not ask too many questions.
example: ask us about 30+ questions about the items, the next day you tell us 'sorry i'm not interested in the item(s)'. If you're not interested in the first place/lost interest, please just tell us that you're passing after a few questions and not waste our time.

If you think that our item(s) is/are expensive, feel free to buy from other blogshops.
don't complain that our item(s) is/are expensive, the easiest way is: find another blogshop that sell cheaper, or simply go to the place itself & buy from the shop.

Negotiation of price(s) is/are acceptable, but please be reasonable, or else we won't entertain you.
example: we've already given $1 off from the discounted price, yet you're still asking for more discounts? please, you're students, so are we. we're here to make some extra money.

We don't entertain rude people.
respect us, we'll respect you too.
don't give us excuses that you're customers, and that you have the right to disrespect us.
customers are humans, so are we.

If there's are typo mistakes in price(s) made by us, we'll change it asap, orders will be corrected according to the correct price(s) and not the wrong price(s).
example: if we meant to type $21, but instead we've made a typo error and typed $2, we'll change it asap to $21 and the item will be sell at $21 and not $2.

Shopdaoxiao have the right to cancel your order(s) if you do not meet the payment deadline.
we will cancel your order(s) immediately.

Shopdaoxiao only accepts SGD cash.

Shopdaoxiao will not be responsible if there's any faults with your item(s).

Shopdaoxiao will not be responsible if supplier make a mistake in your order(s) and send the wrong item(s).

Shopdaoxiao will not be responsible if the supplier runs away.
we will try to refund you the money, but not 100% of the money will be returned to you, 'cause if the supplier runs away, we're victim too.

Shopdaoxiao serve on a first come first serve basis.

Be punctal for meetups(payment, collection).

Goods sold are non-refundable/non-exchangeable.

No missing in action/backing out/cancellation of order(s) once order(s) is/are confirmed.
no refund will be given if you back out, same goes for missing in action and cancellation of order(s).

No last minute changes once order is confirmed.

Please give us at least 2 hours advance notice if you want to change the details of meetup(location, time, date).
or there'll be a small fee charged, as time is precious.

Clear all doubts before ordering.
Please clear all doubts if you're genuinely interested in the item(s).

For Preorder: No payment = No item

Don't pester us for item(s).
don't buy preorders, if you don't have the patience to wait.

By sending in the order form, we assume that you've agree to all terms & conditions.
Offenders who fails to obey, will be blacklisted. (: